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Background History

  • Department of Basic Education, Hinthada Government High School No.4,Ayeyarwady Region Plot No.202, Kayin Kyaung Road, Fifth south Word,  Hinthada Township, with an area of 5.3462 acres, was transferred from the Department of Industry, Agriculture and Vocational Education in the 1976-1977 academic year and opened as Hinthada Industrial High School on 1.8.1977.The Vocational High School(Hinthada) was opened until(1977-1983) and provided training in automotive, electrical, bench/break through and building training.
  • On 25.11.1999, it was upgraded to Government Technical College (now Government Technical College). Transferred to Computer University on 16.6.2007.
  • On May 5,2009 the Government Technical High School reopened on an area of 1.423 acres within the Computer University perimeter.